Finally, A Cricket Slasher Film

Never let it be said that cricket players are a bunch of pansies. Then again I have no idea what kind of insults are normally tossed around the cricket field. Is it even a field? Anyway hopefully all my questions will be answered on June 30th when “I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer” hits US DVD shelves. A not so original title for a pretty original movie. Or at least I think it's original, I’ve never heard of another cricket-themed slasher before.

The Australian horror/comedy tells the story of a cricket team terrorized by a killer who is looking for revenge on the players that tormented him 20 years ago. Sounds like a good time to me. You probably won’t recognize any of the names associated with the film except for Arianna Starr; that’s right, Miss Nude Australia makes a very special appearance in the film. I’m sold!

You can check out two different trailers below, one of which reminds me a lot of “Reservoir Dogs”, try to guess which one! You can also head over to the film's official site to get a complete run down of all the characters, including their shit kicking, ass licking and death-o-meter ratings. I’m not sure what those really mean but it still sounds cool. Oh and I'm not sure if is a pun, but I giggled anyway. I can’t tell yet what I’m more excited about with this film, seeing someone get hit in the face with a spiked cricket ball or finding out how cricket is actually played. Either way I’m looking forward to it.

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