Teen Wolf Too (Or, How My Soul Died a Little Today)

You ever had one of those days when it seems like nothing is going right? When you're just feeling dejected, laying on the couch with the remote, doing your damdest to pass the time without incident? Well, today was turning out to be one of those days, when I stumbled upon "Teen Wolf Too" on TV.

What could it hurt?, I thought. I mean, it had Jason Bateman in it and he's funny, and it's about werewolves and they're kind of cool. Ah, what the hell, it couldn't be worse than staring at the wall for an hour and a half, right?


The fact that Jason Bateman (or Werewolves for that matter) ever worked again in Hollywood after this film will go down as one of the greatest mysteries in the Universe.

Well, just so I can share a little of my misery with you, here's the trailer. The moment in the film where a be-fanged Bateman is lipsynching to a studio musician singing "Do You Love Me" was quickly becoming my personal "rock bottom" in life, and then the Boxing montage kicked in.

Enjoy your day :)

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