Horror at Cannes: "The Pack (La Meute)"

Cannes started off with some controversy this year when horror flick "The Pack" was pulled by French censors from a free outdoor public screening because of its extreme content. It had to be rescheduled to an indoor venue where authorities could prevent underage viewers from seeing the movie. The film itself is a monster movie about a girl who picks up a hitchhiker and gets trapped in a truck-stop restaurant with a pack of hungry man-eating ghouls. Sounds an awful lot like a French version of "Feast", an unholy combination that makes no sense at all, but hey, it could work. There's no trailer yet so you'll have to settle for this short behind the scenes look. It is in unsubtitled French but that shouldn't be a problem for our erudite readers. And you can always skip around in the video if you just want to sneak a peek at the creatures.

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