Horror at Cannes: "Chatroom"

All this week we'll be looking at a few of the horror films making their debut at the 2010 Cannes film festival. First up is the latest film by Hideo Nakata, best known for directing the original Japanese version of "Ring" as well as the similarly named English-language killer deer movie "The Ring Two". Nakata's latest taps into the zeitgeist of ten years ago by adapting a stage play about young people who meet in chat rooms and... I don't know, kill somebody I guess. With the lofty standard of quality set by previous internet-based horror films like "Untraceable", "fear.com" and "Dee Snyder's Strangeland", "Chatroom" has its work cut out for it.

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This week we discuss alchemy, camera technology, a first time guest host joins the show, and we review "As Above, So Below".  


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