"The Psycho Legacy" Trailer

Do you like the film franchise "Psycho?" Do you like 90 minute documentaries with over 3 hours of bonus features? Are you looking for a snappy way to celebrate the movie's 50th anniversary? If so, chances are you're probably pretty excited about Robert Galluzzo's upcoming feature "The Psycho Legacy," an in-depth look at the legendary suspense series created by the master of the craft, Alfred Hitchcock. While I'm not exactly a huge fan of the later sequels, I am curious to hear what former cast and crew members have to say on the subject. Additionally, I'm fairly pumped to see new footage of Anthony Perkins doing his thing.

Here's a quick taste of what's to come:

How can you hate a trailer that puts "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads to such good use? No word on whether or not they'll spend a few minutes flogging Gus Van Sant's ill-conceived shot-for-shot remake. As soon as I see a release date, I'll let you know.

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