Comics: Hotwire #3

I came into this four issue mini late, but not too late thankfully. Perhaps just in time. Based on a short story by comic madman Warren Ellis, "Hotwire" has a lot of creep and edgy futuristic weirdness going for it.

Ghosts. The cities of the future have grown ankle-deep in them as they graze off the electromagnetic waste of a billion wireless Internet connections. Most can only drift, witless and lost. Rarely, though, something comes through with enough marbles to cause real trouble.

The four-issue miniseries takes place in a near-future when ghosts, or “blue lights”, roam the city streets. Most remain harmless...until a break-in at London's Maximum Security Necropolis triggers a surge of violent, brutal hauntings.

Written and drawn by Steve Pugh, the artwork in "Hotwire" is pretty striking. Realistic line work and a rather bright use of color for a horror comic, you can actually make out what you're looking at for a change! In Issue #3, the writing moves along at a quick pace, not wasting too much time on needless points. The lead Detective Hotwire is fairly spunky without being annoying and seems like a good fully realized character, even from my late to the game take. Really, the story was good enough here in issue #3 to make me want to go dig up the first two issues. It's pretty catchy.

Here's the gist for issue #3:

Hotwire's investigation takes her into the heart of darkness within the Necropolis, where she unearths a conspiracy to plague the city with a legion of mutated ghouls. Her detective instincts may have led her to the truth, but when the restless dead stage a bloody revolt, it'll take much more than that to survive long enough to do anything about it.

So if you get a chance, check it out!

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