Friday Fun: Plants Vs. Zombies

We all know and love Pop Cap Games. Makers of small, quirky, and addictive casual games, most of us have fallen victim to their charms at some point. Now, they dip their toe into the horror pool and as you could guess, it's addictive as all hell!

Enter Plants Vs. Zombies. The setup is simple; there's a zombie out break on the loose, and they want your brains. You have nothing but your house to hide in and the garden surrounding your house to defend yourself with. Plant your garden with the likes of pea shooters, snow pea shooters, among other plants, and hope it's enough to keep the zombies from eating your back door!

It's a simple concept but it works extremely well. In addition to the non stop carnage, it's pretty damn funny too. For the full scoop on this next slayer of your productivity as well as an hour long demo, check out the official site.

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