Santo & Captain America Vs. Spiderman

Nothing quite sets a nerd's heart aflutter like the premise of their favorite characters meeting up in situations that they shouldn't. Most of the time, these fantasies manifest themselves in a fan-comic like "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash," but occasionally, you'll find a foreign film that manages to satisfy a fantasy that you never even knew that you had. Thanks, Turkey!

In 1973, writer Do?an Tamer and director T. Fikret Uçak released in Turkey the film 3 Dev Adam, which roughly translates into English as “Three Mighty Men.” The “three mighty men” in this instance were Captain America, Spider-Man and the Mexican luchador (wrestler), Santo. Of course, though, all three people were being used unauthorized (particularly Santo, seeing as how he was, you know, an actual guy and not a fictional character). This unauthorized nature was particular true for Spider-Man, who is a vicious killer in the movie.

Thankfully, some endeavoring individual has compiled some clips, one of which includes Spiderman killing someone via face-eating rodent forced through a tube:

I think that the world could use a bit more lawless bootleg spirit. Who knows, if The Hunt for Gollum can exist, maybe we're not so far off from "3 Dev Adam 2"! You'll recognize me as the first and only person in line at the theater.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #204

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