Free Comic Book Day May 3rd

It's that time of year folks! Saturday May 3rd, 2008 is 'Free Comic Book Day' at comic shops across the nation!

From their press release....

"One of the goals of Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is to reach out to those individuals unfamiliar with the comics specialty market, not to mention a comic book shop. So, every year those behind Free Comic Book Day launch a massive promotional campaign that heralds the event and spreads the good word of comics to potential readers everywhere."

So there you have it folks. For many, this is an event that goes unnoticed as the only press they ever seem to manage is in the nerd outlets for people that are already buying comics on a regular basis. If you've been sitting around thinking 'I sure do miss comic books' or 'I remember those days when I used to buy em regularly, I should get back into it'....well nows your chance.

To find a participating comic shop in your area, click here find a store near you. For a list of free comics that will be available, Check out the official site.

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