Crystal Castles

I found out about Crystal Castles completely by accident. I saw the band's name on the front page of the all music guide the other day and it reminded me of the trackball-controlled "pac-man as a magical bear" arcade game of the same name that I loved when I was a kid. It turns out that they were actually named after She-ra's castle (which I wouldn't know because that was for girls- tough guys like me played with the guy in furry underwear with the pageboy haircut) but their music is incredible and I don't think I've ever heard anything like it before. Imagine a duet between Bjork and a broken NES.

Evidently their first single "Alice Practice" was actually a microphone test by the singer (named Alice, appropriately enough) with a few beats laid underneath that was "accidentally" posted on their MySpace page. After hearing it a few record labels came calling and the rest is history. Anyway, less talk, more rock- check out the teaser video for their debut album that's just been released.

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