Warner Bros. Launches Red2Blu Program

In the early days of the High Def format wars, Warner Bros aligned themselves with the now defunct HD-DVD brand and started pumping out disks. Months later as the dust settled, they were forced to concede to the power house of Blu-ray.

For Warner, this wasn't a big deal. They've already stopped production, and probably made some money in the process. For us, the viewers at home however were more or less out of luck.

This week, Warner Brothers launched their new Red2Blu program to help alleviate our pain. For a nominal fee that shakes out to roughly $12 per disk, you can upgrade your former Warner Brothers HD-DVD titles to Blu-Ray.

The process is simple enough:

The beauty here is that it looks like you still get to keep your original HD-DVD disk! While it is an obsolete technology now, if you were an early adopter, it still works. Why not have the movie in both formats?

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