Trailer: "Dead Rising 2" Coming August 31st

"Yo these zombies are pimps, son!" Or at least that's what I think the dialogue should be when you see a zombie rocking a sideways baseball cap and walking with a limp. "Zombie Thugz", that should be the title of the new "Dead Rising 2" trailer that you can check out below. And there should be some Eminem playing in the background. That "Lose Yourself" song from "8 Mile" maybe. And there should be a zombie Nicole Kidman. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about anymore.

But anyway, "Dead Rising 2" hits the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms on August 31st and is set a few years after the original "Dead Rising" ended. The zombie virus has spread all over the US and Chuck Greene, a former motocross champion is set in a Vegas like city where he has to fight for his life. What happens in Vegas like city, stays in Vegas like city!

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