BGH Classic Pack - Rain-Fights Extravaganza

There's a certain member of the podcast who manages to get his panties in a bunch anytime a character throws a punch amid a light summer's mist. Or any time a bullet flies throw a steady downpour. Yes, there is a man who knows what he likes, and what he likes is a good ol' fashioned rain-fight.

So in honor of that fine editor-in-chief and podcast host extraordinaire, we offer this latest classic pack featuring some of modern cinema's finest battles in precipitation. That's right, it's the BGH Classic Pack - Rain-Fights Extravaganza.

In this pack you'll find discussion of Resident Evil: Afterlife, Priest, Drive Angry 3D, Legion, and of course, that classic of classics: Doomsday. There may or may not be rain-fights in all these films, what is important is that they embody the spirit of rain-fighting.

Why not support those sopping-wet battles, those aqueous conflicts, those saturated skirmishes. Download the classic pack, and send the message: you support Eric and his unhealthy obsession. You support rain-fights.

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