Nerd Fight! GOW2 vs RE5

The rise of podcasting has proven that nothing quite holds people's attention like two (or more) nerds butting heads about contentious topics. IGN has tapped into this energy a bit with their "Video Grudge Match," which pits two games against one another, with one staffer assigned to each game. The latest grudge match pits recent blockbusters against one another as "Gears of War 2" tangles with "Resident Evil 5." The diplomat in me says "why not both?", but we all know that diplomats are unamerican and are better served sipping tea and playing soccer. Unfortunately, I can't embed the video, so you're going to have to scoot over to IGN to view the "Video Grudge Match" between RE5 and GOW 2.

What do you guys think? I still haven't played the full version of Resident Evil 5, but I'm also not convinced that I can get over having my feet stuck to the ground while I'm trying to shoot. If someone has a compelling case to make, now is your time!

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