Elisabeth Shue Signs On "Piranha 3-D", My Dreams

If I have one complained about “Leaving Las Vegas” it’s that the film wasn’t in 3-D. You see it’s the film that Elisabeth Shue warmed her way into my cold little heart and I always thought her hooker in love shtick would have come across a lot better in full blown 3-D. Sure some people will argue that she was adorable in “The Karate Kid” and “Adventures in Babysitting” but I say pish posh to that. Neither of those filmed featured a hooking Shue running around topless while a drunken Nicolas Cage drinks himself into oblivion. That’s the kind of Shue I want to see flying at your face in a movie theater.

Well I might just get my chance now that she has reportedly signed on to “Piranha 3-D”. As Eric reported today Shue will play Sherrif Julie Forester in the film currently scheduled for a March 2010 release. Not a ton of other information is available for the film that's already been pushed back a few times but we do know the guy behind “Mirrors”, Alexandre Aja will be writing and directing.

It’s a big jump from her other work but I have high hopes for Shue and this film in general. The 1981 3-D “Piranha Part Two: The Spawning” was just about the greatest thing to me as a kid and that was with the old red and blue glasses. It’ll be cool to see what they can do with the new digital 3-D we saw with “My Bloody Valentine”. We’ve got a long wait before this one comes to the big screen though, so we’ll see who else signs on and how this progresses.

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