Left 5 Dead Isn't What it Sounds Like

It has been a while since I posted something about Valve's "Left 4 Dead," which I regrettably have played very little as of late. Fortunately, that isn't stopping people from producing all sorts of fan art for the game, from Russian dolls to Valentines to porn.

'Left 5 Dead,' although it sounds like a sequel, is actually just a series of L4D inspired photographs by the crew behind the zombie photo-novel "Night Zero." The "5" in the title comes from a fifth survivor that team added to these photos. Why? Beats me. Some of these pictures are quite strange (Why is the hunter always smiling?), but L4D fans may get a kick out of the depictions.

Missing: Fifth Surviror

Apparently there are more of these to come, so lets hope that they have a really fat friend that will make an excellent Boomer. To read about the project and see some behind the scenes photos, check out the Journal Zero blog. For the rest of the photos, head over to "Left 5 Dead" on flickr.

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