Heavy Metal News Updates!

Here's a brief smattering of things to catch you all up on!

--In response to a leak of their new album "Wasting Light," the Foo Fighters have decided to stream the entire new effort on their website. Dave Grohl was seen to say on Twitter: "Leak ? Rad. Was starting to think no one cared. Our version sounds better." "Wasting Light" officially drops April 12th.

--British heavyweights My Dying Bride are celebrating their 20th year of existence by compiling re-imagined and re-arranged tracks into a career spanning symphonic two-disc retrospective. Look for this compendium, titled "Evinta" in late May. An orchestra was brought in, a professional opera singer was hired, and everything was re-cut for the task. Peaceville Records will be releasing a two-disc set and three-disc featuring a sixty-four page book that is "inspired by My Dying Bride's illustrious recordings of the last two decades." Whatever that means.

--Arch Enemy, not long after releasing the cover art for upcoming release "Khaos Legions," has also released the first single from the album, scheduled for release June 7th. The new cut, titled "Yesterday is Dead and Gone," is a free download and can be found here.

--Speaking of cover art, Autopsy (never content to sit on their laurels,) has released the cover art for their upcoming album "Macabre Eternal." It's pretty badass:

--Rev Theory has been busy popping out behind the scenes clips related to their latest album "Justice," the newest of which is for "Wicked Wonderland." Singer Rich Luzzi describes the song as "an absolute circus," and you can scope the video here.

--Hard rocking up and comers Zeroking have released their first single from sophomore effort "Kings of Self Destruction," entitled "Stone Cold Bitch." What's more interesting is that the song's brother-in-arms single, "Girls of California," is said to contain "Slipknot style heaviness and Beach Boys influenced harmonies." I...wait...I think my brain just broke. If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college. Alright Zeroking, now I'm curious.

--Last but not least, Pearl Jam has released remastered and expanded editions of (as far as I'm concerned) their two best albums, "Vs." and "Vitalogy." Each one comes with three additional songs, and there's also a separate collector's edition set for each one. Of additional note is that each album will also be pressed to vinyl and released on April 12th.

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