What What (In the Butt)

If you guys saw this week's South Park you know they followed up the brilliance of last week's sequence of Kenny in a bitchin' Firebird cruising around a world of magic and boobies to the Heavy Metal soundtrack with another musical sequence. This time it was Butters, who became an internet sensation with a song called "What What (In the Butt)".

If you're like me and aren't up on the ridiculous crap people watch online you probably didn't know that this was actually a parody of a real YouTube, er... star. I'm really not sure which is funnier. Butters' version cracked me up when I first saw it, but it loses some funny points for not being original. On the other hand, the original is clearly (with apologies to Lloyd Kaufman) TROMA-tized. It's not merely hilariously gay dance music, it's hilariously gay dance music that knows it is hilariously gay and is doing everything in its power to be hilariously gay short of having a watermelontini party with Ryan Seacrest and Tom Cruise. On the YouTube page they even suggest "ButtRolling" your unsuspecting friends by linking them to the video.

I'm just not sure. The internet is all about laughing at people rather than laughing with them. Check out the video and tell me what you guys think.

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