BGH Classic Pack - Remake-Apolooza! Vol. 2

We know that not all horror remakes are created equal. As we explored in the first volume of BGH Classic's Remake-Apolooza, with the right mix of vision and talent you can rework a classic. This week marks one of the biggest tests of that theory to date, as the long-anticipated "Evil Dead" reimagining hits theaters -- and the Bloody Good Horror podcast.

In honor of "Evil Dead," we're offering up a second volume of BGH Classic remake episodes. In this pack we break into some of the thornier questions around remakes, starting with one of the most notorious remakes of them all: Rob Zombie's "Halloween."

BGH Classic - Remake-Apolooza! Vol. 2 contains discussions of Rob Zombie's "Halloween," "Fright Night," "Piranha 3D," "The Uninvited" and "Night of the Demons."

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This week we discuss alchemy, camera technology, a first time guest host joins the show, and we review "As Above, So Below".  


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