"Lesbian Vampire Killers" Music Video

Since the first reviews have popped up, word has started to turn a bit negative on the UK horror/comedy romp "Lesbian Vampire Killers", but that hasn't stopped them from continuing to run a pretty slick promotional machine.

This was something I stumbled upon today and am a little ashamed to admit I really enjoyed. It's a music video for the song "Crying Blood" by W Brown. I'm assuming since the film is British that she's a pop star from the UK, something I'm sure our UK readers can help us out with. It's a very poppy song, but it's also pretty catchy, and the lesbian vampire footage sprinkled throughout definitely helps its case.

And not sure if it's just me, but I'm catching a slight "Monster Mash"-like groove in there somewhere. Although that could just be residual delirium from spending all day yesterday in the Philadelphia airport. Either way, I thought you guys might enjoy this, so check it out below.

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