Best Buy Applauds Zombified RE5 Launch

If you're a follower of the hype surrounding the recent release of "Resident Evil 5," you may have heard about the zombie-infested midnight release held at the Stroudsburg, PA location. Basically, instead of waiting in line in a well lit room (BORING!) to purchase the game, fans from all over Stroudsburg and the surrounding areas waited in line while high school drama students and college stoner drop outs dressed like zombies played out various scenes of infected debauchery (zombauchery?). Some people drove from up to four hours away to take part in the event, which may mean something.

Apparently, the event drew upwards of 400 people, which made Best Buy execs pee more than a little.

Best Buy's David Partenio says that the store is now considering doing other premiers for games like Madden, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and God of War 3. He added that their event is being reviewed by Best Buy corporate to determine if similar events should be held at other stores.

This sounds like just the sort of thing that can bring people into retail locations, so for gaming's sake, I'm all for it. However, if a bunch of dudes in army gear bust into a Best Buy that I'm in you better believe I'm going to start violently chucking cell phones and CD cases while running for my life.

"Best Buy's Zombie Invasion Thrills Attendees, Corporate" (Kotaku)

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