TV: Torchwood: From Out of the Rain

Episode 10 of this so far stellar second season of Torchwood lands, marking perhaps a uncharacteristic down turn of talent. For this season anyways.

The story itself, of mystical old carnie's emerging from the silver screen to wreak havoc smacks highly of 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' which that being one of my all time favorite scary flicks, is pretty sweet. The problem is, it doesn't really mesh well with the typical alien fare that Cap'n Jack and friends normally deal with. On it's own, the story is solid and enjoyable and pretty unique. It's just that I normally watch Torchwood for Aliens and time travel and stuff. And sex. Always so much sex in Torchwood.

The other problem with this episode, is that the acting has slightly slipped. Don't get me wrong, I still love the cast. This time around we get a focus on Jack and Ianto, and both managed to be pretty over dramatic in a cheese filled way.

Still, we get a small tidbit of Jack Harkness background and that's always welcome.

Overall, still a decent ep, not quite as good as what the second season has had to offer so far. But please please please tell me you're going to bring James Marsters back this season, cause that first ep was off the hook, yo!

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