BGH Classic Pack - First-Person Horrors!

Nothing is scarier than a handheld camera pointed into the darkness. At least that's been horror's operating thesis these last couple of years. We've tackled the issue on the podcast -- not always joyfully -- and we've probably arrived at nothing better than a stalemate. First-person horror is with us, and there's nothing we can do about it.

BGH Classic - First-Person Horrors is a pack of episodes that explore five first-person horror films spanning half a decade in horror. Inside you'll find discussion of George Romero's "Diary of the Dead," the American re-imagining "Quarantine," the original "Last Exorcism", "Apollo 18" and the film that marked the trends' crest, "Paranormal Activity."

Check out these great episodes with the link below!

BGH Classic - First-Person Horrors

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This week we discuss alchemy, camera technology, a first time guest host joins the show, and we review "As Above, So Below".  

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