Are You Ready for a Troll 2 Sequel?

Back when I interviewed Michael Paul Stephenson about his documentary "Best Worst Movie", he mentioned something in passing that at the time didn't really click with me. Here's what he said about director Claudio Fragasso, and his plans for a "Troll 2" sequel:

He's actually talking with producers right now. He wants to make a real "Troll 3." When we were in LA, we were going back to Utah with him and he said "Okay Michael, when we're in Utah we shoot a little promo for Troll 3. You run into McDonalds and grab a hamburger and scream, and we use it for promo." So he's thinking about it and he wants to do it.

I mean, despite the ridiculousness of the idea, it just didn't seem all that probable to me. Plus, now that John Carl Bucheler is working on a remake of his original "Troll", there are bound to be lots of complications with naming rights.

Still, when I finally got to review "Best Worst Movie", I was treated to this at the very end:

Oh boy. Is the world ready for "Troll 2: Part 2"? Looks like we may be finding out, sooner than you think.

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