"A Fine Line" at Sonar 4 Ezine

While I've been quiet as of late, I haven't been totally slacking off! (Just mostly.)

This week sees the publication of another of my short stories, A Fine Line over at Sonar 4 Ezine! "A Fine Line" is my take on the super hero. Check it out, let me know what you think!

Sometimes the name they give you is all wrong. Sometimes your folks might name you Lawrence, but everybody else thinks you look like a Steve. Sometimes you screw up in front of your friends just once, and they give you a name that sticks forever. Something like ‘Booger’ for that one time in sixth grade that they caught you eating one. And again, sometimes you work hard for years to get a title but when you finally get there, they manage to muck it all up...

Read the rest at Sonar 4 Ezine.

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