One, Two, Freddy's coming for you - in collectable form!

I'm a nerd - and even though Casey is a much bigger one, I embrace the label. And like any self respecting nerd, I love my action figures. And like any self respecting horror nerd, I love my horror action figures more.

I have a rather large collection of Nightmare on Elm Street related items, and a impressive amount of Freddy figures (The GOOD, Robert England ones, not those half-retarded, melted alien looking ones from the remake). So as I tirelessly scanned the internet, looking for scraps from this year's Toy Fair, like the responsible adult I am, you can't begin to imagine the noises of joy I made when I saw these figures...actually, you probably can. It was a cross between a 5 year old on an overdose of pixie sticks and Oprah discovering a sale on Ben & Jerry's.

Not only is NECA bringing us all new Freddy Krueger figures based on the original series, but it includes one based on one of my earliest, most iconic horror memories: Freddy chasing Nancy down the alley, with his arms elongated to scrap both sides of the wall. That image is burned into my memory, and I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on this.

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