Rumor: LE Red Xbox 360 - Res Evil 5 Bundle?

Back at the end of January, ArsTechnica's Ben Kuchera posted a rumor of a limited edition RE 5 bundle. Included would be:

Resident Evil 5 bundle

Red hardware
Red controller
A copy of Resident Evil 5
Exclusive Resident Evil 5 NXE theme
Download coupon for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD

While nothing official has turned up from Capcom or Microsoft yet, gaming site Kotaku posted a screen shot from a reader who happened to be employed by Toys R Us showing a database entry for an upcoming '360 Red Elite' priced at $499. While still not official, it is a positive sign!

Once you've worked the Red Xbox/Red Rings of Death jokes out of your system, most of us that already own the console are not going to be very excited by this bundle. However, the idea of a limited edition 360 coming bundled with Res Evil 5 (due March 13th) is quite tempting if you were waiting for the storied franchise to make its return before jumping on the Microsoft bandwagon. Also, it may be worth it if you're just an obsessed collector! So what do you guys think, does this tempt anyone out there?

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