New Music and Missions Coming For GTA IV

Next Tuesday a new "Grand Theft Auto IV" update will be available exclusively on XBOX Live. Included will be the new storyline "Lost and Damned" which focuses on Liberty City's own biker gang as they rape and pillage. According to what I've read the new missions will add another 20 hours or so of gameplay. More importantly the expansion pack will also add a whole ass load of new music for your listening pleasure.

A number of the GTA radio stations will be updated with new tracks that you can go out and murder hookers to. What fun! "The Beat" will have a whole new show which will be DJed by Funkmaster Flex and feature two new songs by Busta Rhymes written for the game. Liberty City Hardcore will have a new deathmetal show DJed by Max Cavalera of Sepultura and Soulfly. Not all the tracks have been released but word around campus is there will be some Bathory being rocked, so that's nice. I can only hope they will also add some Soulfly tracks that feature Fred Durst for us to enjoy. My Jnco jeans are getting tight just thinking about it. Other channels like Liberty Rock Radio and Radio Broker will also have new tracks.

It should be noted that no songs are being removed; all the channels are just being added to. The update comes out next Tuesday and will set you back about 20 bucks.

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