"Left 4 Dead" 3D Mod for PC Version

Are you guys sick of "Left 4 Dead" related posts yet? You're right, neither am I.

There's a strange thing going on in the world of 3D entertainment these days. Before most of us have even had a chance to adjust to the new "Real-D" technologies, we're already seeing a revival of the "red and blue" days of 3D. Besides the obvious confusion it creates, I'm not sure that I was ever totally sold on the "old" 3D technology to begin with. For those of you that are, this "Left 4 Dead (PC)" mod may be of interest to you. All you have to do is follow the hacky instructions from the link below and you're set to go! Boomer barf bag not included...

"3D Left 4 Dead? For free? Oh yeah, here’s how" from Gamer's Last Will via Kotaku

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