Horror Hodge Podge 2/5/09

A few quick hits here. I have been working with a friend and graphic artist to design a poster and lobby cards for my short film. So, I have all these images that I love stuck in my head. I figured why not share them here, maybe they'll inspire you guys too.

Alison Brady is my flavor of the moment where photography is concerned. Her stuff gives me a surreal Richard Kern type of feeling. Not unlike Aaron Hawks work. Check her out:




Karim Hussain is a Canadian filmmaker who made "Subconscious Cruelty" and "La Belle Bete", he also collaborated with Nacho Cerda on "The Abandoned". A year or so back he shot a finance teaser for a film called "Filthy". As far as I know, the feature has not gotten off the ground yet but the trailer/short is both repugnant and sexy. It's probably what you'd expect from a film about a wealthy woman drafted into a cult that practices sex in garbage. You can check out the trailer at Twitch but it's about as NSFW as it gets. The poster rules too.

Lastly, I was thinking about the pathetic state of album cover art these days, I guess that's how I feel about popular music too for the most part. Anyway, I got stuck on what I consider to be the greatest back cover image ever. Hell this back cover easily trumps the most albums' front cover (Danielle Dax, Blast the Human Flower).

You guys have any back covers that stick in your mind?

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