Trailer: "Death Metal: Are We Watching You Die?"

I'm a sucker for any sort of documentary having to do with metal. I'll watch just about any crap if you put the world "Metal" in the title. Bonus points if you can also get some black metal guys in corpse paint in there for fun. I eat that crap up.

So most likely I'll be sitting down to enjoy "Death Metal: Are We Watching You Die?". According to the description the film won't treat the viewer as an outsider, rather will allow the artists to talk candidly on a number of topics. Not a narrator in sight. They'll also have a number of black metallers on hand to give their side of the ongoing death metal vs. black metal feud. Man I just hope there are some spiked wrist band slap fights.

Check out the trailer below and look for "Death Metal: Are We Watching You Die?" on DVD later this month.

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