The 1st Annual Podcast Podcast Award Show Spectacular

If you happen to follow along on twitter, (@CaseyBGH if you're nasty), you'll know that I was nominated in the 1st Annual Podcast Podcast Award Show Spectacular in the 'Best Podcasting Parents' Category!

If you're confused, Mark and I sat in as guests for Episode 38 of The Podcast Podcast. On that episode, we were interviewed by our awesome host Fozziebare who urged us to share some stories on how the BGH Podcast came to be, who's the biggest diva of the cast and more! To celebrate the new year, Fozzie and Andy over at The Podcast Podcast put together an awards show made up from all of their guests from this past year. I myself, was nominated in the 'Best Podcasting Parents' category!

Well, last night was the big night for the awards show and I'm proud to say... I won! So thanks to all you folks out there that threw me a vote, greatly appreciated! I'll happily wear my special edition custom Podcast Podcast shirt with pride!

Congrats to the other winners, which included the likes of Miss Bren and Brother D from Mail Order Zombie for 'Best Apocalyptic Musings', KK from 'Family Movie Night' for 'Most Adorable Guest' and Bill from Outside The Cinema for 'Most Annoying Noise'!

With that, I've got to get out of these Manolo Blahnick's and my Armani gown I wore on the red carpet, my feet are killing me! While you're winding down from the after parties, be sure to listen to Episode 43 of The Podcast Podcast to hear the full award show and give Fozzie and Andy some love!

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