13 Real-Life Horror Vacation Spots

Thinking about planning your next vacation? The good old folks over at the Smarter Travel website have provided us horror nerds with a list of 13 real-life horror movie locations and what to expect if we visit. On your next trip to Washingtn, D.C. why not check out the famous stairs from "The Exorcist"? Or maybe plan a trip to stay at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado? The hotel, which was the inspiration for horror classic "The Shining", embraces it's association with the film:

The Shining plays on a continuous loop in their guest rooms, the hotel offers a "night tour package," and a K2-EMF ghost detector is even included with certain packages. For extra fun, book a room here and freak out your bed-mate by writing REDRUM on your room door while they're sleeping.

Visit Smarter Travel for all 12 horror locations, plus an entry on the "Twilight" movies, which is clearly a clerical oversight... maybe?

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