Horror Hodge Podge

Five consecutive days I have come to this terminal to try and write something worth reading and five times I have concluded the session with about 3 paragraphs of slow-spun ejectamenta. Maybe it’s the paste in my lungs, the big goofy fucking dog in my house that won’t sleep, or the fact my wife poisoned me by putting a Michael Landon Jr. film on our Netflix queue. Anyway, I have decided that it’s time for a hodge podge of the week that has been Jan7-Jan 14th. Better for me that it is not a calendar week… I don’t go to school, nor do I get weekends off with any reliable regularity. So, here are my fits of pique, flights of fancy, figments of fantasy from the last 7 days…

Chloe Piene( http://www.chloepiene.com )- I have been stuck on this Brooklyn artist’s page for... the last month really, mostly for her video work. I have gotten more tremors and troubles from 45 sec video excerpts of her works than I have in the last four years of box office horror. I think it’s because she understands when to leave the unknown alone. Check out Blackmouth and Shoulder Bite in all their darkness
Grim Reaper – My wife threatened to throw away a box of old LP’s simply because we don’t own a turntable. For just a split second I saw the entire continuum of sanity in my mind’s eye and I clearly understood how a person could fly to the ass end of crazy with the right provocation. Anyway, my Grim Reaper “See You in Hell” album was sitting right on top. Seeing it gave me a charge and I downloaded the title track and put it on my Ipod. One minute into the song I started to reconsider my wife’s position on several of those treasured platters. Anyone in the market for some vintage Anvil, Jag Panzer, Savage Grace, or Impaler records should drop me a line.
Transsiberian- Whatever credibility Brad Anderson built with “Session 9” can be easily chased from one’s mind with one viewing of this corruptingly bland thriller. Surprisingly, among its biggest shortfalls is Emily Mortimer (whom I like) in a thoroughly unbelievable turn as a bad girl turned good who not so accidentally kills a man. The film is also a casualty of its tritely ambiguous ending that gives Mortimer’s tortured character an out because she inadvertently did the right thing. I guess I was supposed to chalk most of it up to the wild vicissitudes of fate or the amazing power of the subconscious to protect us, but still it all felt too damn tidy.
What happened to cool music videos? I admit to not looking very hard for them, but the last one I saw that I loved was “Rubber Johnny” that is,until this…
Fever Ray "If I had a heart"

Last note: Yahoo search is ASS! Straight stinky farmer's Ass! No picture included...you're welcome.

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