Peeing Down My Own Leg

So now that college football has come to an end, in this house we are in desperate need of a little pick-me-up and I have just the thing:

That goes down Thursday night for sure and then maybe we'll get into a little:

We'll have to see if there's enough time!

Man. Ladies. Let me tell you I am anxious as hell these days. I have never been happier to be overwhelmed with projects since I can't seem to relax on account of the upcoming inauguration, the release of this DVD and this is going to make me piss myself. That takes me back...

So here's the plan. The film is opening at a handful of local theaters here in Omaha, including the only remaining drive-in. (The only thing better would be to have the option of the local Imax theater but I am a piggish ingrate and have just unnecessarily exposed myself.) I will take the wife and her sister, and in preparation we will make sure they are up to speed on the first four films in the franchise. We can discuss the rest later.

This means I need to wind down the zombie marathon which actually means I need to light a fire under that. Funny how I lose my taste for certain things (vampires, zombies) although I have decided I need to revisit "The Hunger" if only for the opening sequence. Anyhow, I have to go now.

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