Help Fund the New Short Film "Myctophobia"

Never let it be said that we here at Bloody Good Horror don't give back to the community. No we don't volunteer at homeless shelters or read to old people but we do like to spread the word when our fellow horror lovers need some help. "Myctophobia" is a new short film that will be premiering at The Days Of The Dead Convention July 6th-8th in Indianapolis, IN as a part of the series The Collective Volume 4. It stars Kitsie Duncan, who thanks to the power of Google Images I've discovered has no problem prancing around in next to nothing, as a girl with a serious fear of the dark who finds herself trapped at home when the power goes out.

The good people at Drunken Zombie are behind the project and are looking for your help in making the film. Hop on over to their Indie GoGo page and give what you can before the Febuary 12th deadline. Do it now. I don't want to live in a world where women like Kitsie don't get to show the world everything they have to offer.

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