Behind The Scenes Of "Halloween 2"

So in this new behind the scenes video from Rob Zombie's "Halloween 2," Zombie earnestly assures us: “There’s no moment where they’re going to go ‘oh yeah been there done that’ the whole movie is like totally fresh”.

We then cut to a clip of Michael Myers popping up in the mirror behind Danielle Harris. Come on Zombie, now you’re just f’in with me.

I hate to sound like I’m jumping on the Anti-Zombie bandwagon here but the latest behind the scenes video that recently went up sounds like they’re really grasping at straws. They’re really trying to drive home the “realistic” aspect of the whole movie. To me the problem with that is you’re dealing with a nut who just, for all intents and purposes, got his face blasted off in the first film. But sure I guess other than that it’s as real as you can get. By the end of the minute and a half clip I was pretty much expecting special effects makeup designer Wayne Toth to look into the camera and say “Look I promise you won’t hate it, I swear”.

But there is some hope here. There doesn’t seem to be to much of the young Michael showing up in this one and from what they say there is a lot more action in “Halloween 2”. So I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and try to be as optimistic as possible. We’ll see on August 28th how the film turned out when it hits theaters.


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