Batgirl & "The Dark Knight"

Oh how the rumors are flying! As "The Dark Knight" draws closer, little bits and pieces of info keep popping up. Most of them I have absorbed with an air of quiet disinterest. Sure, I totally want to see this movie. I'm super excited about it. But trailers and posters and stills (oh my!) don't really do it for me. This does.

Yea! I love me some Batgirl! Granted what I gather from reading, she will only be like 5 or 6. But the mere thought that there may be a big screen incarnation of my favorite superhero heroine sends shivers down my spine! Don't think I'm glossing over Alicia Silverstone Batgirl. I just choose not to dwell on "Batman and Robin". Meh.

So, what does this "revelation" really mean? Well, nothing for now I suppose. It means that the rich tapestry of the Batman mythos is in good hands. But man! The thought of a Christopher Nolan Batgirl, that really makes this girls day.

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