Awesome Things On Etsy #1

I love etsy. In case you are unaware of the joyous joys that etsy brings, I will briefly explain.
"Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade."
So basically it's like ebay, but with no bidding and everything is hand crafted or vintage. So it's nothing like ebay. It's an amazing place and I find myself browsing for hours. People are so creative!

Today I decided that I wanted to take part in an ongoing series of posts here at BGH. So my grand idea was to share some of the more fabulous things I run across on etsy. It's way cheaper than buying everything I fall in love with.

This first installment brings us a super nifty wall decal. Yes, I said wall decal. What's better than having Frank's silhouette hovering above you as you sleep? I'm drawn to this because if its simplicity (and I like the blue room). What a unique way to express your love for "Donnie Darko".

Click here to view the etsy listing. I look forward to posting more awesome genre related handy crafts.

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