"Antichrist" Trailer

I’ve often said that you could just put a picture of Willem Dafoe on a movie screen for an hour and a half and it would be the most frightening film ever produced. Danish film maker Lars von Trier decided to actually have him act in his new film “Antichrist”, which had its trailer pop up online recently. Bold move my friend, bold move.

The film stars Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg as a couple who retreat to a cabin in the woods after the death of their son. Their hope is to save their troubled marriage but mother nature can be a real bitch and things soon go from bad to worse. The film has received a lot of attention as of late due to some of the graphic imagery it contains, most of which I can only assume revolves around Dafoe’s ass. Take a look at the trailer below and you get an idea of where this is going.

“Antichrist” will be playing at next months Cannes Film Festival and should make it’s way to the US shortly after. God help us.


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