AMC Launches B-Movie Classics

Second only to voting Bloody Good Horror their site of the week last year, the good people over at AMC have made their smartest move to date. They’ve launched BMC, or B-Movie Classics. Pretty clever huh? The site will allow fans to stream some of their favorite B-movies from the 50’s and 60’s. Right now the site is streaming a total of 27 films including some horror classics like “How to Make a Monster” and “The Horror of Party Beach”.

B movies may have been low-budget and less publicized motion pictures, but they had a huge fan base that transcended generations and still exists today,” Mac McKean, VP of digital media for AMC

No mention of the channel coming to your TV but I would be pretty excited now that both MonstersHD and FearNET have been dropped from my cable listing.

Every month new movies will be available for viewing and right now your can stream:

“Dragstrip Girls”
“The Hellfire Club”
“Hercules Unchained”
“Motorcycle Gang”
“Saga of the Viking Women”
“Dark Star”
“Shake, Rattle, & Rock”
“A Swingin' Summer”
“Assassination in Rome”
“Carnival of Souls”
“College Girl Murders”
“Reform School Girl”
“Rock All Night”
“Corridors of Blood”
“The Horror of Party Beach”
“How to Make a Monster”
“War of the Colossal Beast”
“What a Carve Up”
“Creation of the Humanoids”
“Invasion of the Neptune Men”
“Planet on the Prowl”
“Saga of the Viking Women”
“Teenage Caveman”
“Terror Beneath the Sea”
“Dynamite Joe”
“The Ruthless Four”

Source: TV Week


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