A Band Of Orcs

Normally a day in the life of an Orc is filled with eating babies and digging in muck. But what do they do in their downtime? Perhaps join a bowling league or take a pottery class? Hell no they freakin rock, HARD. Ladies and gentlemen I give to you A Band of Orcs and the video for their song “Into the Maelstrom”. Now at first listen you might think these guys are all angry and agro. But I dug a little deeper and it turns out that maelstrom is actually Scandinavian for a very powerful whirlpool. So this song isn’t about rippin your face off or anything. Nope it’s just an invitation to hop in a soothing bubble bath with a few dudes who think they are from another world. Turns out even Orcs like to blow off some steam down at the local bathhouse when they’re off the clock. Orcs, they’re just like us!

You might be thinking to yourself, “What makes these guys different from bands like GWAR or Lordi?!” Well naysayer, those bands wear costumes where as these guys are the real deal. That’s right, 100% pure all American Orc up in your ear. You can learn about them and check out some other videos at their website or “lair” as they call it. Get it? Because Orcs don’t have websites, they have lairs!


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