2012 Viral Marketing

So, have you seen it yet? The ads for the Institute for Human Continuity? Here's the website

So yeah, I knew something wasn't kosher when I saw an ad on myspace's main page. Real or fake the site aggravated me. I find it to be very inflammatory and reliant on people's stupidity. Most of the internet hinges on those things though...

After my aggravation subsided I noticed the 'privacy policy' and the 'terms of service' links at the bottom of the page. So like a good Nancy Drew, I clicked. Hello Sony Pictures! After more google action I confirmed this was in fact a viral marketing attempt for the film "2012".

Whether I love or hate viral marketing isn't the issue. This whole campaign rubbed me the wrong way. I had no plans on ever seeing the movie before, so I can't really make any grandiose statements about boycotting. Guess it worked though. Got people yapping about it. What does everyone else think?

Oh by the bye, stupid people talking ignorantly about 2012 makes me angry. Therein may lie my frustration. I cracked the case again!

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