Horror Headlines 10/10/08

New official site for "Prey". "Prey", takes place in Australia and shows what happens when 4 couples accidentally wander "into an Aboriginal sacred site and awaken a 5000 year old curse."

Josh Brolin to play Jonah Hex. Since he's coming hot off the hells of his turn as George W. Bush, it looks like he's going from playing one cowboy to another with this role.

Kevin Smith still talking about his troubles getting his film "Red State" made. Seriously people, it's like a soap opera at this point.

In Real People News: 

Surprise, surprise, the Government could be listening to your phone calls, even if they have no just cause. Just remember that the next time you engage in some "pillow talk" (the article's words, not mine).

Don't go swimming in Nepal, or you might get dragged down by the Gnooch! And no, it has nothing to do with Jason Mewes, it's actually much scarier.

This guy was just minding his own business recently when a moose started making love to his car. What do you do when that happens? I'll tell you... you let him finish my friends, you let him finish.

On this day in history: 

Disgruntled postal worker Joseph Harris kills four people in Ridgewood, New Jersey. First he brings an Uzi, pipe bomb, and a samurai sword to his supervisor's home, where he kills her and her fiance. Then Harris visits the post office, shooting two coworkers. When he finally surrenders to police, the gunman is wearing a ninja costume and a gas mask. Harris' deeds help spawn the saying, "going postal".

James Gunn Makes a Porno

James Gunn asks "How many times have you been watching a great porn film - you're really enjoying the story, the acting, the cinematography - when, all of the sudden, they ruin everything with PEOPLE HAVING SEX?"

If you feel like James Gunn has read your mind, you're in luck. He's just released the first episode of his new series "PG Porn", starring real life porn star Aria Giovanni and real life spaceship pilot/singing superhero Nathan Fillion. Keep this up and we'll forget all about those Scooby Doo movies.

Devil's Advocate (no, not that one)

So as my Twitter followers know, I taped about 6 hours of the 80's anthology series "Tales From the Darkside" yesterday on the Scifi channel. I had a few free hours today, so I sat down to watch a couple of episodes.

Horror Headlines 10/9/08

Wesley Strick is NOT directing the "Nightmare on Elm st." remake... but he is indeed writing it as previously reported. A small misprint in Variety yesterday sent the online horror community abuzz that Strick would also be directing.

We all figured that Linnea Quigley would make a cameo in the "Night of the Demons" remake, but now we have confirmation. As well as word that she will be doing "something familiar". I think we all know what that means.

Just for my buddy Louis, here's a list of Scifi original movies the cable channel is working on for the upcoming year. Apparently ratings continue to steadily increase, and there's no end in sight for the conveyor belt of bad-CGI centric films. "Malibu Shark Attack", here I come!

In Real People News: 

Bus driver stops bus on railroad tracks, threatens to get off and let the train hit the kids. Man, and you thought your bus driver was a bitch when you were a kid.

Ever want to see what the grave of a morbidly obese person looks like? Me neither, but since I know you're like me, you've probably already clicked on the link.

Bust out the foil hats! Aliens have scheduled a visit for October 14th. Or so this UFO site wants us to believe. I mean, these people would be the ones to know, right?

The national debt clock has run out of digits to adequately display the amount of money we owe to Chinese banks, so they will be adding more next year. And still, no one is burning at the stake for this.

On this day in history: 

1989: Three aliens and their UFO visit Voronezh, USSR, according to the TASS news agency.

Concert Review--Buckethead

Knowing that what I was walking into could turn out to be anything, and having no serious expectation for what "anything" might be, I grabbed my Buckethead ticket and was off to the venue.

The opening act for Buckethead was a musician named Mike Silverman, more commonly referred to as "That 1 Guy." I entered the din just as his act was beginning. One of my Agents In The Field had alerted me to the performance of That 1 Guy, telling me in vague detail that his act could be worth paying attention to. That said, I entered, found a place to stand comfortably, and watched.

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