Sam Witwer is the man

I haven't gotten around to buying or Renting 'The Force Unleashed', but there are videos of all the cut scenes from the game on Youtube. Thanks to them, I am now obsessed. I went out and bought the graphic novel based on the game. If any of you are Star Wars fans, you need to check that out.

Looking at scenes from the game, I realized I know who the actor is that they based the main character, Starkiller, on. It is Sam Witwer, and after doing a little research, I realized he has pretty much been involved in every bit of fantasy/horror that I have been into recently.

Pumpkin Beer Bash Vol 1

Tis the season for pumpkin beers! If you've been in a grocery/liquor/beer store in the past few weeks you've noticed it's that time of year where breweries all across the country are putting their seasonal pumpkin beers up for sale. I've had numerous friends ask me about pumpkin beers lately, so I decided that in honor of the season (and Eric's upcoming Pumpkinhead article in HorrorHound), I would review 13 pumpkin beers between now and Halloween. First, the scale, in pumpkinheads (obviously).

Episode 42 - "Something Wicked This Way Comes"


More whimsy than you can handle this week as we review Casey's staff pick of "Something Wicked this Way Comes".

Purchase this Back Episode $0.99

Megan Fox (needs to be stopped)

Yes, Megan Fox is hot. There is no point in denying it. I kind of hate her though. She is (possibly?) going to be naked in "Jennifer's Body", which made her semi forgiven for the gigantic waste of time that is "Transformers". After seeing this video, I can no longer give her leeway.

Prisoner Abel's Short Film

Hey guys, just wanted to post here to give loyal site reader and friend of ours PrisonerAbel some exposure for his short film, titled "Apathy Breeds Contempt". If you scroll down, you can view the trailer for the short via Youtube.

I have to say, pretty frigging disturbing! I had no idea we had such sick bastards hanging out at the site. Okay, so I totally knew, but either way you slice it the trailer's pretty impressive.

He sent us two links for festivals where it will be playing at in the coming weeks, so check them out and see if it's playing in your area.

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