SNL Roundup 10/6

Since I usually spend every Monday pimping out Saturday Night Live as it is, I figured I would start posting some of the best clips from SNL on Mondays for you guys who don't take the time out to watch the show. This season has been especially interesting, as you have two great new talents in Bobby Moynihan and Casey Wilson, a super preggo Amy Poehler, Tina Fey as the human caricature that is Sarah Palin, and Kristen Wiig as the funniest chick on the planet.

Episode 45 - Top 5 Most Disturbing Moments


Are you ready for our Top 5 Most Disturbing Horror Film Moments? I think not.

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How Are Podcast Downloads?

Hey guys, as you probably know we're sort of in transition with our podcast syndication. Before we commit 100% to a new service though, I wanted to do an informal survey of our loyal readers to see if people are still having problems.

I have noticed that Podomatic has actually been a lot more reliable lately, and I want to see if that has been anyone else's experience. So, please do us a favor and leave your thoughts in the comments, so we can make the decision as to what to do. Have your downloads been more stable lately? Have you had any trouble getting the show?

Pumpkin Beer Bash Vol 3!

Tis the season for pumpkin beers! If you've been in a grocery/liquor/beer store in the past few weeks you've noticed it's that time of year where breweries all across the country are putting their seasonal pumpkin beers up for sale. I've had numerous friends ask me about pumpkin beers lately, so I decided that in honor of the season (and Eric's upcoming Pumpkinhead article in HorrorHound), I would review 13 pumpkin beers between now and Halloween.

Election Day (Not The One You're Thinking)

I talk about my band Election Day occasionally, and Eric thought I should post this on the site, so I suppose I will! I mentioned on Twitter a week or so ago that we were going to be playing with Bane, and this is the first 6 or so minutes of our set. The songs are called "Death Therapy" and "Trade Winds" respectively, and as with all bands, we're on the MySpace, so if hardcore is your bag, check it out!

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