Horror Headlines 10/18/08

The first trailer for "The Haunting in Connecticut", or as I like to call it... every ghost movie, ever.

Paul Anderson is writing "Resident Evil 4". In the same article he also talks about knocking up Milla Jovovich, proving his uncanny talent at ruining hot properties.

AMC's FearFest (formerly MonsterFest) will be mixing it up this year by having Rob Zombie host. He won't be on 24/7, but he will be around every night from 8-10 to host the main feature of the night, present interviews, commentary and all kinds of other horror host goodies. I wasn't a huge fan of the "Halloween" remake, but having him host horror films is actually a fantastic idea. So, bring it on!

According to Variety, Johnny Depp's big screen adaptation of the 60's vampire soap opera "Dark Shadows" is "kaput", at least for now. Not surprising, considering I always had trouble figuring out how he planned to bring it into a theatrical setting anyways.

Here's the trailer for Jame's Gunn's new VH1 reality show "Scream Queens". Um, sorry James, but this show looks like trash. Also, when VH1 does a faux Grindhouse trailer, the trend has officially jumped the shark. Take note, world.

In Real People News: 

John McCain did not have sexual relations with a former staffer.. and THANK GOD, because I wasn't looking forward to having to throw up this morning.

Tom Cruise is not dead, so you can all uncross your fingers and toes. We'll just have to get 'em next time.

On this day in history: 

1984: The New York Times runs an article entitled "CIA Primer Tells Nicaraguan Rebels How to Kill." The story describes the secret manual Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare which the CIA furnished to the Contras in Nicaragua. The booklet instructed how to kidnap and assassinate civil officials, such as judges and police.

Spike 2008 Scream Awards

Hey guys, just a heads up that our partners over at Spike TV are holding their annual Scream Awards next week. The show is meant to celebrate all things genre related, and all awards are voted upon by the fans. Here's the official description of the event:

Concert Review--GWAR

For the seventh time, I walked into a venue with the intent of seeing GWAR. Given the opportunities, I would likely do so another seven times. For those of you who've seen GWAR, you probably know what I'm talking about. GWAR may never attain the status of "single best concert I've seen," and while the show is always changing, the basics remain the same. Still, I have never seen another performance quite like GWAR, and I don't know that I ever will. I never tire of it. No one, again for emphasis, no one, puts on a stage show with the same kind of flair that GWAR exhibits.

Elvira On Hulu!

So I'm just aimlessly clicking through Hulu today, looking for Halloween stuff, when I make a seriously awesome discovery. Elvira! And when I say Elvira, what I mean is "Elvira's Movie Macabre", her original horror movie hosting gig from the 80's. Here she hosts some truly awful B movies while cracking jokes that you never hear because you're too busy staring at her epic cleavage.

A Look Back at Young Frankenstein

Everybody knows and loves the 1974 Mel Brooks classic, "Young Frankenstein". It's a movie that should be a staple of any movie nerds collection, drug out to watch at least once a year. It's simply that good of a movie. A combination of the talent involved, written by comedy god Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder, as well as an A level cast make this movie one for the ages. Through in the fact that their goal was to lampoon a horror classic in its own right, Universals "Frankenstein", there's just something to love for every genre afficianado out there.

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