The Nuclear Edge--Emergency Update

Okay, so just the other day, I posted (and I'm sure you've seen here or somewhere by now,) that the Guns n' Roses album "Chinese Democracy" will be released November 23rd. Yes, it's been delayed for a baker's dozen years. Yes, we all made the joke about there being a democracy in China before there being a "Chinese Democracy." No, I don't know who could possibly be listed as band members in the liner notes. At this point, there's a slim but fair chance that you and I could be in there.

A "SHOCKING" Wrestling Costume

I'm still trying to think up of a dynamite costume to wow all of my friends with this year, and I'm running out of time. I still haven't decided yet, but whenever I ponder Halloween costumes from year to year, I always think of this brilliant moment is wrestling wardrobe history...(fast forward to 3:26 if you want to skip the awesome badness of the opening part of this segment)

Frenchie Thriller

It's getting close to Halloween and I'm a lazy blogger so, I figured it was high time for some Thriller videos up in this piece.

Here's a lipsync'ed version done by a bunch of community college students in France, that appears to have been shot in a single take. The fun, "can do" attitude conveyed by the piece kinda sorta made my day, so I'm going to go this whole post without saying "Frenchie Frogs"... oh wait, shit.

I've seen this video linked from a few places today but the caption to beat so far is from Videogum, who said: "If you don't crack a smile, you're weird".

Zombie Strippers DVD Review

The Movie

As covered back in former episode of Midnight Muenster, "Zombie Strippers" is a pretty damn good flick all around. From the press release:

Max Payne (REVIEW)

Loosely based on the 2001 video game of the same name, "Max Payne" stars Mark Wahlberg as the hard as nails detective hellbent on solving the mystery of his wife and child's death. Demoted to a glorified file clerk in the cold case department, Max chases any lead he can find in order to locate his wife's killer.

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