October Challenge 3

Seven days...

My body grows weak as I slowly succumb to the insanity my life has become. I can't think straight anymore...my wife hasn't moved nor made any sound in at least two days. I'm afraid of what I've become. I'm afraid of what will come next... Someone else may die...if I don't find the god damn remote!

Horror Headlines 10/15/08

One of the coolest things about the marriage between the internet and filmmaking are production blogs. Fans get a chance to keep up on the production and filmmakers get a one way line to the people they're making the films for. With that in mind, check out the production blog for the "Night of the Demons" remake. The first post is from the writer, but he promises some cameo posts in the future, including the lovely Tiffany Shepis. For now we'll ignore the fact that this is another case of a production blog showing up on a supposedly unbiased horror site... or I guess I will mention it. Funny how that happens some times.

Here's a fascinating story... Jim Henson's company (now run by his children, and owned by Disney) is making a film called "Happytime Murders". It features a mixture of humans and puppets, in a world where puppets are second class citizens, and follows the exploits of a group of puppets formerly of "The Happytime Gang" television show, as they're murdered one by one. Ok, first off, that's frigging wacky. Second off, it's a complete rip-off of both "Greg the Bunny" and Peter Jackson's "Meeet the Feebles", so just remember that before you get too excited. There's more at the link, but expect me to keep a close eye on this one.

Joe Dante's ("Gremlins") next project is called "Hole", and follows two brothers who find a mysterious hole in a basement that leads to their worst nightmare. In the same announcement comes word that he's off of "Bat Out of Hell" for unspecified reasons. "Hell" had originally been reported to be his next project.

I give up, I'm actually semi-excited to see "Saw V" for the podcast now. Not in a "good" way mind you, but in a sideshow, morbid curiosity way. You can check out a bunch of new pics here... I'm off to try and get my soul back from the Devil.

In Real People News: 

Maureen McCormack (aka Marsha Brady from "The Brady Bunch"), used to trade sex for cocaine, and even banged her on-screen brother Greg Brady... or so she says in her new book. If our readers who grew up in the 70's need to take a sick day to be by themselves in the privacy of their locked bathroom today, I would understand.

Australian racegoers bury beer on hill before an event to get over the "one carton per person rule". I'm assuming a "carton" is a 12 pack? Either way, you know what doesn't sound good? Warm, assy beer that's buried underground for 48 hours. Now that's dedication to alcoholism.

To all those American rednecks out there who have ever filmed themselves doing impossibly stupid stunts just for 15 minutes of fame, The Sun UK proves you're all pussies... at least by Malaysian standards anyway. Damn.

On this day in history: 

1981: Mork & Mindy's baby finally hatches, who they name Mearth.

Fringe 1.05 "Power Hungry"


Anticipatory Dead Space Review

Dead Space came out today.

The question remains: Why don't I have it?

Perhaps you should call Game Stop, Wal Mart, Target, FYE, Best Buy, and Blockbuster, like I did. On a sushi-fueled, iPhone aided trip around the greater Rochester area I learned that, despite the press release we got today, and the countless reviews that I've read online, that I apparently was wrong.

TFTDS: "Basher Malone"

As a continuation of my "Tales From the Darkside" post from the other day, I promised to check in from time to time with updates on the ep's that I was taping off of the Scifi channel.

Since then I've racked up a few favorites and deleted a few clunkers, but yesterday I ran across one that I just had to share.

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