Pumpkin Beer Bash: The Final Chug

Although I didn't quite make my promise of 13 by Halloween, I have sampled the last four brews in my Pumpkin Beer Bash! The good news is, although the winter seasonals are starting to roll in bit by bit, pumpkin beers are usually around until Thanksgiving! This last hurrah includes four beers, and believe me when I say that finding 13 different pumpkin beers is quite a task, but not one I take lightly! Enjoy!

Entry #1: Call For Recommendations

Apparently getting older is one of the things that you are aware of, you know is happening, yet still seems to sneak up on you. What’s up with that?

As I begin my renewed affair with the things we love so dearly, I have decided to document the journey and post it here. Mostly as a record in case something happens to me along the way since mixing all of this stuff together in concentrated doses can have…unpredictable effects. I don’t have to tell you…

Are You Afraid Of the Dark?

Oh how I loved Nickelodeon's "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"! This topic was recently brought up in one of the other internet circles I run in. I was surprised at the amount of enthusiasm it elicited from me. This was a fabulous program.

BGH Book Club: The Devil in the White City

I've been planning on rolling out the unofficial BGH Book Club for a while, so what better day to kick things off than Halloween.

October Challenge 5 - Casey Goes to Hell


It's been a long 31 days, but we've powered through. Here we are at the end of the road. It's been a long and bumpy one but we've covered a wide array of the horror genre and learned a little along the way. There were new movies, there were old favorites. In the end, it was still fun and hopefully enjoyable!

Read on for the final 9 movies of the October Challenge!

Day 22

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