Episode 46 - "Quarantine"


We're back after last week's technical issues and chatting about "Quarantine". Everyone's in good spirits, and we talk about everything from Pumpkin beer to my unhealthy affinity for Jennifer Carpenter.

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Horror Headlines 10/20/08

New "Saw V" tv spot. I've decided to embrace this film, even if it is in a totally ironic way. Hey, who am I to not embrace the de-facto "Friday the 13th" of this generation? That would be kind of hypocritical on my part.

Tiffany Shepis blogs from the "Night of the Demons" set. For serious people, how can you not love this girl?

Brett Ratner and his man boobs might be directing the "Conan" remake, currently in development over at Lions Gate. I really could care less about this news, but we all know I just report on these Ratner stories to piss Jon off.

Horror comedy about a depressed vampire called "Dead Sucks". Sounds interesting, but probably not as funny as "Dracula the Musical" from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Come to think of it, that was probably the only funny thing about that movie.

Brad Pitt to star in futurized version of Homer's odyssey... I predict weed sales will skyrocket when this film comes out.

Pascal Laugier, director of the supposedly great French flick "Martyrs", is the latest name being bandied about to helm the "Hellraiser" remake. I have an idea, since this project seems cursed anyways, how about we don't remake it? I caught the original on TV a few weeks back, and I'm just not convinced that it can be done better. Am I a crotchety old, remake hating man? Yes, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

In Real People News: 

So this guy could handle his wife leaving him, that was okay. But when she changed her Facebook status to "single" just four days later, he decided it was time to hack her to pieces. Is there some kind of waiting period I'm not aware of?

The invisibility cloak is now just over 5 years away. I'm sure this has all kinds of military applications, but really I would just like one so I can nap at work without anyone seeing me. A modest goal I know, but one that's special to me nonetheless.

Recently declassified information from the British government states that in 1957, a 26 year old pilot was ordered to shoot down an aircraft carrier sized UFO, but the ship abruptly disappeared off his radar at 16,000km/h. The document was one of 19 declassified regarding similar incidents.

On this day in history: 

1977: En route to a gig at Louisiana State University, Lynyrd Skynyrd band members Ronnie Van Zandt and Steve Gaines are killed when their private plane runs out of fuel and crashes into a swamp in Gillsburg, Mississippi. Their record company MCA withdraws the flame-filled cover art for their ironically-named Street Survivors album.

Redwood Empire Film Club 2: The Fog

I'll keep this one short as Schnaars already has done a spot on Review of the film. But I did want to mention it , because other than "I Know What You Did Last Summer" no film has featured the coastline of Northern California as prominently. Most of "The Fog" was shot on location in Point Reyes, Ca. a town that serves as the gateway to the National Seashore Preserve. More glorious than creepy, Carpenter did manage to mine the geography for it's remoteness.

Bioshock 2 Teaser Trailer

PS3 owners should know by now that "Bioshock," the mega-atmospheric Xbox360 hit comes out for the "other" system next week, October 21st to be exact. Apparently, beating the game earns you a chance to to view the "Bioshock 2" teaser trailer. Thanks to the internet, you wont have to wait to buy and beat the game to see it! Excuse the poor quality, this is the best version online so far.

Comics Creepshow 11: Marvel Zombies!

Who would have thought, three years ago, that one of Marvel’s most successful franchises would focus on zombiefied super heroes, searching for innocent victims to munch on?

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